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'Everything is an inside job'

When we change our perspective, we change how we see ourselves and the world we live in.

Hi! I’m Mandy and I’m a fully qualified Counsellor and Coach. I offer a range of Counselling & Coaching options to meet your individual needs. Sometimes we just need a safe space where there’s no judgement, no opinions, and no expectations, so we can explore what’s troubling us. I provide that space and support as we work through what has been weighing on you.


Counselling can help you understand how past experiences may be affecting your daily life, your relationships and how you see yourself & the world.

At times life can feel so complex and overwhelming, that we start to feel stuck or maybe have feelings of hopelessness making us feel unable to trust in our ability to make decisions and move forward.

Counselling can help you make sense of your internal and external world. It can help you find meaning and a way forward that is right for you.

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Life Coaching

Life coaching can help you become the best version of yourself.

Coaching is about changing the relationship you have with yourself; for you to become the best version of you.

It helps you to understand how you are getting in your own way and the steps you can take to change that and grow. Coaching can help highlight any imbalances in your life and support you as you make the changes you feel necessary to live a balanced life. I take a person-centred approach in order for you to create significant and lasting transformation.

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What my clients say...

When I first reached out to Mandy I was lost & in a bad place mentally. Mandy has made me feel at ease from day one & over the last few months has helped me understand myself, my thoughts, and my feelings better. She has been a huge part of making me feel like me again & has provided me with some great methods & tools to use to get me there. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mandy to anyone who feels lost, down, or anxious. She has empowered me and even though it’s very much an ongoing process I cannot express how much better things are now because of our sessions.

I contacted Mandy after a family bereavement. I didn’t understand how to express what I was feeling and I was struggling with everyday life. I have never been very good at talking about my thoughts and feelings, but Mandy created a safe environment for me to be able to slowly open up. Nothing I said shocked her and she understood why I was feeling the way I was. Mandy has offered many practical tips to help in my recovery, that I will continue to use for many years. Thank you for everything you have done

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I always start with a very informal conversation. Helping you understand what I do and how I can help.

If my services are right for you then together we will develop a plan that suits you. I’m committed to supporting my clients in every way so all our consultations and service plans are unique.

Call me on 07808 855 259 to discuss your needs or fill in the callback form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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