Counselling Services

Offering a safe space where you can feel comfortable to explore what has been weighing on you.

What to expect… Many people come to counselling not knowing what to expect; where to begin and if it will help. Sometimes people wonder if they will be able to open up to a stranger and this can create feelings of anxiety in itself. In order for a therapeutic relationship to be created between the counsellor and client, you must feel safe and comfortable with & opening up to the counsellor. For this reason, I offer a free 30-minute consultation to allow you to decide if we can work together.

In this initial consultation, we will discuss what has brought you for counselling, how I work as a counsellor, our working agreement, GDPR, your rights and our fee structure. If you are happy to proceed & work with me we will book our first session, which I endeavour to arrange around your availability.

Bereavement Counselling

Helping you come to terms with your loss and find confidence for the future.

Bereavement counselling can help you understand your painful and sometimes complex emotions.

For many people, it’s helpful to know that these emotions are completely normal and part of the grieving process.

People often say everyone grieves differently, and they are right. It’s not only every person grieves differently but every loss can feel different to that individual because each relationship is different and personal to you.

Grief is a normal part of losing someone. It is not something that can be fixed or something you can complete by following certain steps. It is something you learn to live with and hopefully, the loss feels less overwhelming over time.

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121 Counselling

Helping you process the emotions from past experiences that are impacting on your daily life.

At times life can feel so complex & overwhelming that we start to feel stuck or maybe hopeless. We may feel unable to trust in our ability to make decisions and sometimes turn to others for the answers, yet we know deep down that they may not be right for us.

I work in a person-centred way by supporting and enabling you to learn to trust in yourself again, to listen to yourself and to find the answers within. I hope to help you feel empowered to build confidence to start taking control of your life again.

Counselling can help you make sense of your internal and external world. It can help you find meaning and a way forward that is right for you.

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I always start with a very informal conversation. Helping you understand what I do and how I can help.

If my services are right for you then together we will develop a plan that suits you. I’m committed to supporting my clients in every way so all our consultations and service plans are unique.

Call me on 07808 855 259 to discuss your needs or fill in the callback form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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